DSG Shuez City Sdn Bhd (A company of the DS Group of Companies)

DSG is a young dynamic & ambitious developer with good integrity, solid foundation and a strong track record since 2008. Considered as an industry underdog by its peers, DSG has proven its mettle once again through only involving in ambitious landmark development projects such as this Ipoh Shoe City. This masterpiece project is DSG’s most ambitious endeavour to date, and its success, will mark DSG’s foray into building world-class landmarks! At the helm, DS Group is lead by Dato’ Tan Buck Lai, an energetic visionary who has akeen eye for perfection & quality. He leads his group in choosing projects carefully, scrutinizing each for its potential in landmark creation. DSG’s philosophy is always combining modernism with tradition; and ever building world-class facilities with local soul.


DSG – the developer of tomorrow’s landmarks, a builder of nation’s pride!



Envisioning tomorrow’s landmark. Building a nation’s pride. The art of place making.

“I’m not interested in developing the same-old conventional light industrial parks like everyone else. I feel we could do more. We could be more creative and think out-of-the-box. Building light industrial parks are boring but developing a landmark is exciting. It brings a fresh enthusiasm to all parties. A landmark gets attention and attraction. A successful one drives business growth and brings prosperity to all. With IPOH Shoe City, it’s exciting for me and for DSG Group to be involved, we get to exercise our creativity, to push the limits, to mastermind the city, to build something meaningful and to shape it’s destiny. I’m honoured to have a hand in developing a landmark for Ipoh, to get to revived a 100 year old industry and also puts Malaysia on the global map of shoe designing, making & manufacturing. I’m proud of it and I believe, soon in return, it shall build Malaysia’s pride!”

Message from the

DS Group Managing Director
Dato’ Tan Buck Lai